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Grace L. Hanselman

Grace L. Hanselman
Research Project(s)
"The Co-ed Committees: Bringing Women to Dartmouth" (Rauner Library Blog)
Co-Education: Behind the Scenes (Digital Exhibit undergoing QA)
Summer 2019 Fellowship Presentation
Grace Hanselman ’20 was an Art History and Studio Art double major, Rufus Choate Scholar, and a recipient of the 2020 Robert Read Prize. During her time in special collections, she researched the history of coeducation at Dartmouth, paying particular attention to lesser known aspects of coeducation, such as the administrative decisions and debates “behind the scenes” that resulted in the admittance of women to the college. Grace hopes to go to graduate school and eventually work in the museum field.
In Residence
Summer 2019
Dartmouth Affiliation
Class of 2020

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