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Malcolm X to Speak Here; UGC Series Asks Muslim


Malcolm X to Speak Here; UGC Series Asks Muslim


Student reporter Christopher Langley announces that the Undergraduate Council (UGC) has invited Malcolm X to be the second speaker in their 1965 lecture series at Dartmouth College. Richard Joseph describes the decision to invite Malcolm as a way to “present a side of [the] American Negro of which most students are not fully aware” in contrast to previous speakers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and James Farmer. Langley details Malcolm X’s recent break with the Black Muslims, his trip to the Middle East, and the role of Dartmouth senior Ahmed S. Osman in convincing Malcolm X to come to campus as a speaker.


Christopher Langley

Containing Publication

The Dartmouth

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Place of Publication

Hanover, NH


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The Dartmouth, Inc.

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Langley, Christopher. The Dartmouth, “Malcolm X to Speak Here; UGC Series Asks Muslim.” Jan. 18, 1965. Hanover, NH: The Dartmouth, Inc., 1965. Reference LH1.D3 D2, Rauner Special Collections Library.

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