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Dr. King to Overflow Crowd: 'Segregation on Its Deathbed'


Dr. King to Overflow Crowd: 'Segregation on Its Deathbed'


This article summarizes the main points articulated by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in “Towards Freedom,” his Great Issues course lecture. Dr. King stressed the huge disparities in employment and voting rights that still need(ed) to be surmounted by Black Americans despite recent successes in racial equality. He called for wisdom and restraint among Civil Rights activists and underscored the importance of dismantling the myth that only time and education can bring about positive change in racial relations. Lastly, Dr. King urged President John F. Kennedy to issue an executive order declaring all segregation unconstitutional.


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The Dartmouth

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Hanover, NH


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The Dartmouth, Inc.

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Slavin, Peter. The Dartmouth, “Dr. King to Overflow Crowd: 'Segregation on Its Deathbed'.” May 25, 1962. Hanover, NH: The Dartmouth, Inc., 1962. Reference LH1.D3 D2, Rauner Special Collections Library.

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