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Black applicants 1966-1971

Black applicants 1966-1971
A list of the total number of Black students who applied to, were admitted to, and graduated from Dartmouth College between the years 1966 through 1971. This list demonstrates that even six years following the initiation of the Negro Applications Encouragement (NAE) program, which later became the Black Student Application Encouragement Committee (BSAEC), the number of Black students applying to and attending Dartmouth remained small in comparison to the total number of students throughout the latter half of the 1960s. Based upon the table and hand-written calculations found at the bottom of the page, it appears that an admissions officer was calculating the graduation rate for Black students at Dartmouth.
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Black Applicants 1966 through 1971. N.d. Black Students and Alumni I Vertical File, Rauner Special Collections Library.

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