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Dartmouth Gets Demands


Dartmouth Gets Demands


This newspaper article was published following the presentation of demands by Dartmouth’s Afro-American Society (AAS) to the College administration. As author Joe Duggan reports, the 18-point resolution was submitted to College officials primarily to address Dartmouth’s recruitment and admissions policies, including demands for a firm commitment to increasing the percentage of Black students in incoming freshmen classes and Black representation in admissions and guidance departments. In addition to recruitment and advising, the article articulates the students’ other goals, such as a new building to house the Dartmouth Afro-American Society and “the development and implementation of a black studies major by September of 1970.”


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Duggan, Joe. “Dartmouth Gets Demands.” Mar. 21, 1969. Black Studies Program I Vertical File, Rauner Special Collections Library.

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