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Women at the Top (Almost)

Women at the Top (Almost)
An article by Shelby Grantham in the May 1977 issue of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, which hoped to highlight the state of affairs for women at the College and to be a brutally honest and self-aware piece written by and for Dartmouth. Grantham exchanged letters with many key players in the Biology Department in search of information about Croasdale’s treatment in the Department, especially when she was younger. In a very lengthy response to Grantham’s questions, Bill Ballard shared dozens of anecdotes about his former colleague, and said fondly of Hannah’s teaching: “Spectacular. Dynamic. Devoted.”
Shelby Grantham
Containing Publication
Dartmouth Alumni Magazine
Date Created
May 1977
Place of Publication
Hanover, NH
In Copyright
Rights Holder
Dartmouth Alumni Magazine
Citation Information
Grantham, Shelby. “Women at the Top (Almost).” Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, May 1977. Hanover, NH: Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, 1977. Hannah Croasdale papers, MS-882, Box 1, Folder 1, Rauner Special Collections Library.

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