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Dean of the Faculty for the Files, Sept. 13, 1960


Dean of the Faculty for the Files, Sept. 13, 1960


Arthur Jensen, Dean of the Faculty, responds to the “Conversation with Dr. Hannah Croasdale” memo, in which Rieser asked him to provide more information regarding Prof. Croasdale's history in the Zoology Department. Jensen corroborates Croasdale's claims, writing that “Dr. Croasdale had the misfortune of being a woman… in the Depression, she accepted a position as a technician in the Zoology Department even though her Ph.D. and obvious scientific competence warranted a much better job… There is no question of her scientific competence. Copenhaver told me that she is one of the half dozen best algologists in the country.”


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Hanover, NH

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Jensen, Arthur E. Memo from the Dean of the Faculty to the Files, Sept. 13, 1960. Dean of the Faculty records, DA-165, Box 10464, Croasdale Hannah T Biological Sciences, Dartmouth College Records Management Center.

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