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Letter from J.H. Copenhaver to Leonard Rieser, Sept. 12, 1960


Letter from J.H. Copenhaver to Leonard Rieser, Sept. 12, 1960


Replies to Rieser's inquiries about Prof. Croasdale's situation in the Zoology Department ranged from sympathetic to dismissive, but this letter by Prof. J.H. Copenhaver is a strangely mixed bag. He writes that “the members of the Department probably have taken advantage of her,” but that because he was “fairly well convinced that Hannah could have moved to the faculty of any number of schools between 1940 and 1950 but she chose to stay in Hanover knowing what the situation was,” he was “not too sympathetic with her feelings, as this letter implies.” Despite Copenhaver’s more incendiary remarks about Croasdale's alleged “fleeting mercurial vanity,” he clearly finds her a brilliant scientist and later became one of Hannah’s more vocal allies in the department.


John H. Copenhaver

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Stanford, CA

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Copenhaver, John H. Letter from J.H. Copenhaver to Leonard M. Rieser, Sept. 12, 1960. Dean of the Faculty records, DA-165, Box 10464, Croasdale Hannah T Biological Sciences, Dartmouth College Records Management Center.

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