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Hannah Croasdale to Leonard Rieser, Jun. 14, 1974


Hannah Croasdale to Leonard Rieser, Jun. 14, 1974


Prof. Croasdale writes Rieser about her reappointment to teach a course for the Summer 1974 term. As opposed to her correspondence years earlier, this letter shows Croasdale enjoying the hard-won fruits of her labor: record enrollment in her course and “the best of all possible assistants.”


Hannah T. Croasdale

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Hanover, NH

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Croasdale, Hannah T. Letter from Hannah T. Croasdale to Professor Leonard M. Rieser, Jun. 14, 1974. 10464:Croasdale Hannah T Biological Sciences, Dean of the Faculty records, DA-165, Dartmouth College Records Management Center, Lebanon, NH.

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