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Elmire Conklin to President Kemeny, Sept. 11, 1973

Elmire Conklin to President Kemeny, Sept. 11, 1973
Graduate student Elmire L. Conklin writes to President Kemeny to praise Prof. Croasdale, whose course she had just taken in the summer of 1973. Conklin alludes to Croasdale's international renown and domestic fame as an exceptional instructor, and goes on to write: “Never have I experienced such a hard-working, well-organized, knowledgeable teacher... I have had an seen so many poor and lazy teachers that Hannah Croasdale was a revelation and a joy.” She concludes her letter with remarks about Croasdale's poor compensation and “degrading treatment” while at Dartmouth.
Elmire L. Conklin
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Warwick, NY
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Conklin, Elmire L. Letter from Elmire L. Conklin to Dr. John G. Kemeny, President, Sept. 11, 1973. 10464:Croasdale Hannah T Biological Sciences, Dean of the Faculty records, DA-165, Dartmouth College Records Management Center, Lebanon, NH.
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