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Trustees’ Action - June 8, 1979


Trustees’ Action - June 8, 1979


An internal memo sent on the same day that the Trustees voted on the Priority II and III budget, in which the Committee is informed that the remaining items on the Priority II and III budgets (e.g. beyond Tuck School, dormitories, and Robinson Hall) will require individual approval from both the Facilities Planning Board and the Trustees Executive Committee. In order to avoid committing the College to funding accessibility renovations unless absolutely necessary, the memo states that a “go-slow” posture should be adopted to make room for gift opportunities.


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Hanover, NH

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DeWitt, Gordon V. “Trustees’ Action - June 8, 1979.” Memo to Alvin J. Richard, Chairman Committee on the Handicapped, [Date]. Institutional Diversity and Equity records, DA-751, Box 8020, Civil Rights: Handicapped, Committee On 1977–1980, Rauner Special Collections Library.

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