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Everybody Can't Use the Hop


Everybody Can't Use the Hop


A newspaper clipping attached to a memo from the Chairman of the Hanover Town Board of Selectmen to the Assistant Director of Facilities Planning, in which Patricia Eckels outlines the accessibility issues at the Hopkins Center for the Arts. In her concluding remarks, she writes, “That the Hop could have been designed without full access in the '60s is shocking enough. But that the adjacent snack bar area could have been remodeled in the mid '80s without adding an elevator to Spaulding is truly incomprehensible.”


Patricia W. Eckels

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Hanover, NH

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Nordgren, Sharon L. Memo from Sharon L. Nordgren to Marjorie Boley. 07 December 1987. DA-643, Box 651, Handicapped Access 1987-88. Office of Planning, Construction and Design records. Rauner Special Collections Library, Hanover, NH.

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