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Roswell Bogue Letter to His Sister Exposing Anti-Semitism Within Delta Kappa Epsilon

Roswell Bogue Letter to His Sister Exposing Anti-Semitism Within Delta Kappa Epsilon
Content Warning
Anti-Semitic content
In this letter, Roswell Bogue notifies his sister of his fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon, refusing to accept a Jewish pledge named Mandel due to his religious affiliations.
Note or Transcription

My dear Sis. Dec 98

Thanks very much for
making that pennant they
are such a big addition to the room.
Silk of course will be much prettier
I hardly dared suggest that.
I should think you could tell
the best size and it depends if
you put on a D or Dartmouth.
A D. about eight inches high will
be good and the flag to fit it
any old shape [swallowtail shape] or [triangular shape] or
any thing you like. You always
manage to get pretty things.

(I hardly think we will take
Don't repeat this.
Mandel into D.K.E. We don't care
atall whether a fellow has money
or not is entirely the man him-
self.) He is the biggest jew in college
and Dartmouth is not the place


for jews. Am surprised to hear
about about Mr. Ostrom. I knew
Boagland was engaged but not
that he was to be married so
soon. Do you remember that
Will Lewis who lived at the
Hotel when we were there
the H.P. He did not go back
to Amherst because he wants
to get married these fellows
all seem to be crazy to leave
college and get married.

It seems from your note that
I would come home Christmas
it will be fine if I can.
A year and a half is a longtime
to be away from home.

With love
[Signature of Roswell]
Roswell Bogue
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Citation Information
Bogue, Roswell. Correspondence from Roswell Bogue to his sister. December 1898. MS-863, Box 1, Folder 14. Roswell Bogue letters. Rauner Special Collections Library, Hanover, NH.
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