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Collection of Alumni Letters in Response to Safer Sex Kits

Collection of Alumni Letters in Response to Safer Sex Kits
This is an assortment of letters sent to Dean Shanahan, Dr. Turco, and/or President McLaughlin by a variety of individuals responding to media coverage of the safer sex kits.
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PAGE 10:

Berlin Pa

Dartmouth College
New Hampshire

Dear Sir,

Recently, I read an article
in The National Conservative
Weekly, concerning your X-rated
student literature that you
hand out to students – free of
charge, at registration, to any
who ask, called the “Safe Sex

Needless to say, I am appalled,
outraged, and depressed that a
U.S. University would come to
such a low state.

We parents, save and scrape
and work hard and long to
send our children to what
we think (thought) were the
best schools in the U.S. and
now learn that they are

PAGE 11:

being taught to act like
animals – no, animals
have more sense than to act
like your sex literature and
the Sloanes’ book “Partners in
Health (p21-43?) suggest!

I am a registered nurse, as
well as the mother of five
grown children and have
9 grandchildren, and I have
never heard of such filthy,
degrading, stupid, obnoxious
ideas, as are being promoted
in Dr Sloans’ book and in your
school ^Safe Sex Kit. I would never, ever
allow any of my grand-
children to come there as
long as I have breath!

Have you people there
ever heard of a book called
“The Holy Bible”? Have you

PAGE 12:

[ever] read it? I suggest that
you do, and you will find a
lot of answers to problems.
The Lord intended sex was
for marriage only, and not
as a national pass-time!
This (free sex) ends up in un-
wanted pregnancies, abortions,
veneral diseases, prostitution,
aids, & lots of mental problems

No education is of any worth–
–be it from Dartmouth or
where-ever if our children
end up in any of these conditions.

It’s time that those of you,
in positions to do so, would
wake up and try to keep our
young people from going to
hell, instead of pushing them in

PAGE 13:

that direction

Thank you for taking
the time to read this. I
apologize for not being able
to sign my name

Mrs K.

PAGE 20:

22 February 1987

Mr John G. Kemeny
Office of the President
Dartmouth University
Hanover, N.H. 03755

MAR 10 1987
Ack. Req.


The enclosed cartoon seemed to me to speak
much louder than your “Watersport” Kit. I
believe that a reconstitution of morality; even
at sophisticated, liberal Eastern establishment
schools, is the best bet to defeat AIDS. We
watched the recent Donahue show on TV and
heard the arguments put forth as the policy
of Dartmouth University and it sounded as if
Dartmouth was quite happy to have a sexual
active student body but didn’t want them to
catch AIDS. I wonder if your policy isn’t
fraught was more than physical dangers.
Your graduates supposedly represent the
elite leadership of the future yet they

PAGE 21:

[are] encouraged and aided by the school in seeking
sex as a normal collegiate activity.

Enough, I think you got my point. Try,
really try, to teach your students moral
integrity rather than the more baser subjects.
You might even put this cartoon in the Sex
Package distributed on campus.

[Signature of Wilbur M Farlow]
Wilbur M Farlow
LTCol USA(Ret)

[Address redacted]

P.S. I am very happy that my four kids
have graduated and ^ are now pursuing their families and
careers. If they were in a college or university
today I would surely be greying and aching with
bleeding ulcers.
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Collection of Alumni Letters in Response to Safer Sex Kits, 1987. DA-8, Box 7481, "Health Education - Safe Sex Kits Dean's Subject Files 86-87." Dartmouth College, Dean of the College records. Rauner Special Collections Library, Hanover, NH.

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