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Hannah Garrett

Who was Hannah Garrett?

Hannah Garrett was a member of the Stonington Pequot tribe and began Moor's Charity School in 1763. Garrett came from an influential family in her community, many of them being Sachems and interpreters. It was crucial that the female students came from influential families because of the respect and trust already formed with their community. 

She attended Moor's Charity School from 1763 to 1766. However, Garrett left Moor's Charity School when she was 17-18 years old in 1766 to marry David Fowler, who was 30-31 years old. Fowler was the brother-in-law to Samson Occom and a former Moor's Charity School student. The pair ended up having nine children together and lived relatively long lives. Because she married Fowler, accompanied him on his mission trip, had many children, and no other female student accomplished these milestones, Hannah Garrett is considered the only successful female student in Wheelock's perspective. 

Despite being the only successful female student, Garrett has no surviving letters from the record. Because of this, it is unclear if she ever learned to read and write. The information about her comes from secondary sources and through the eyes of the men around her. In this presentation, we will view her through the lens of her husband, David Fowler.

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