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Historical Accountability Student Research Program

Materials and exhibits from the Historical Accountability Student Research Program in the Dartmouth Library.

Limits to Power: Daniel Webster and the Dartmouth College Case

The Trustees of Dartmouth College v. Woodward, better known as the Dartmouth College case, is a critical turning point in Dartmouth’s history. Had this case been settled in favor of Woodward, and by extension, the State of New Hampshire, Dartmouth as we know it would not exist today. The case was also a turning point for our country. The outcome of the Dartmouth College case cemented the concept into United States Constitutional law, already present in English common law, that private charitable organizations serve the public good.


Documenting the history of the LGBTQIA+ community at Dartmouth College

Vanishing: Making of an Extinction Crisis

Curated and designed by 2019-2020 Edward Connery Lathem Fellow Alexander W. Cotnoir, "Vanishing: Making of an Extinction Crisis" highlights materials from Rauner Special Collection Library's manuscript, archival, and rare book collections in an effort to better understand the historical underpinnings and consequences of the current species extinction crisis and what society can do to prevent the loss of invaluable plant and animal species.

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