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  • Football from Dartmouth v. Yale Game with Indian Head and Signatures

  • Dartmouth Football Game Ticket Pasted on Piece of Goal Post

    A sporting souvenier, this Dartmouth football game ticket is pasted on a piece of the goal post from a 1935 game against Yale.
  • Football Helmet

    Early athletic gear left much to be desired, especially safety. This helmet is made of stiched leather and minimal padding.
  • Baseball Glove

  • Folding Wooden Model Skier

    Early athletic gear left much to be desired, especially safety.
  • Track Discus

  • October 8th, 1966 Princeton-Dartmouth Game Program

  • cane carved by Dartmouth student

    The Indian head symbol unofficially represented Dartmouth athletics for over a century. In response to student protests, the College officially banned the use of the symbol in 1970.
  • Ski Teams 1980-1992

    Skiing has played a pivotal role in Dartmouth’s history. The women’s ski team was one of the first female athletic teams created by the College.
  • Track Teams 1900 Before

    After graduating from Dartmouth in 1883, Champion James Waring went on to become a successful Chiago lawyer and opened his own firm.
  • Cheerleaders

    “Dartmouth is noted for the loyalty of its alumni group. Part of that loyalty stems from fall afternoons in the stands at Memorial Stadium, watching the games and cheering the teams playing against a backdrop of vivid hills decked in autumn colors.”
  • Class of 1904

    The social impact men like Matthew Bullock helped to create lasted long after they had hung up their cleats. After graduating from Dartmouth and Harvard, Bullock spent the next 50 years advocating for prison reform and racial equity.
  • Track Teams 1900-1940s

    In addition to being the first African American to play on the Dartmouth football team, Matthew Bullock also sang in the Glee Club and was the Associate Editor of the Aegis.
  • Football Teams 1890s

    For a person of color in the early 1900s, participating in white dominated sports was dangerous. Matthew Bullock, Class of 1904, experienced racial violence on and off the field during a football game against Princeton in 1903.