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Dartmouth 250 Adventuresome Spirit

[Forrester Ashe Lee quote from Mary Donin's March 2013 interview]



[Forrester Ashe Lee quote from Mary Donin's March 2013 interview]


The urgency, the immediacy, the importance of what needed to be done was sensed here, and things were done and changed very, very dramatically. And it became, you know, a bit of a model for what should be done everywhere. The New York Times had this article: DARTMOUTH ADMITS 100 BLACK STUDENTS, and the most ever in the Ivies, something like the most ever in the Ivies. It happened in 1972 I think. It really did become a model for what is possible. And, you know, I carried that with me for the rest of my life, that—what a few guys can do.

Forrester Ashe Lee, ’68 - Dartmouth College Oral History Project - Interview March 1, 2013

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