Adventuresome Spirit

How do you experience adventure at Dartmouth? You may be weathering the long winter months in a frozen land far from home or boldly braving new mental shores in the classroom. Perhaps you are revolutionizing science, medicine, sports, or society for generations to come. The truth is, there is no single Dartmouth adventure. We all experience moments of courage and risk-taking differently. Some individual adventures culminate at Dartmouth, others begin here. In this exhibit, we offer a small sampling of individuals and groups who have helped to shape the adventuresome spirit at Dartmouth -- through innovation, service, teaching, athleticism, exploration, and leadership.

"Outsiders who hire Dartmouth graduates say things like, 'You're great team players … you play well in the sandbox, you have great ideas, you're fearless in how you approach things, you're curious, you're tenacious.' The shorthand became 'adventuresome spirit'." -- Laurel Richie '81

"Adventuresome Spirit" was curated by Joshua Dacey and Amy Witzel. Exhibit design by Dennis Grady. Omeka exhibit by Victoria Corwin and Madeline Miller.