Bogdana Davydiuk

An artist and illustrator based in Lviv, Ukraine, Bogdana Davydiuk creates mosaics, street art, and murals across Ukraine and Poland. She works with visual books and microcomics. Bogdana also creates posters using random or specially designed objects, collages, scans, and pieces of garbage. An active participant in poster exhibitions, she collaborates with museums and other municipal institutions and festivals. Bogdana has also participated in numerous workshops on illustration, poster design, comic poetry, and typography in Ukraine and Poland.


Due to the Russian invasion, Ukraine has become one of the world’s most heavily mined countries.

Due to the Russian invasion, Ukraine has become one of the world’s most heavily mined countries, with an estimated 62,000 square miles (almost like the size of Florida) contaminated by landmines. The artist alludes to the popular children’s game, hopscotch, which gains a sinister—and potentially deadly—meaning in the context of navigating the terrain riddled with landmines.


Russia has fired over 4,700 cruise missiles at Ukraine so far, but the spirit of Ukrainian people remains invincible.

A centerpiece of the exhibition, this poster epitomizes the invincible spirit and infinite bravery of the Ukrainian people during the genocidal war unleashed by Russia. The missile shown above is just one of the barrage of cruise missiles—over 4,700—that Russia has fired at Ukraine so far. The artist combined the image of a missile with that of the two-headed eagle depicted on Russia’s coat of arms.


The bombing of the Mariupol Drama Theater on March 16, 2022, was one of the most horrific atrocities committed during the full-scale war.

Mariupol, once a coastal resort on the Azov Sea and a large industrial and cultural center in the south of Ukraine, was wiped off the face of the earth by Russian troops soon after the outbreak of the full-scale war. The bombing of the Mariupol Drama Theater was one of the most horrific atrocities committed. The theater was used as a bomb shelter where many civilians were hiding. It is estimated that up to 600 people sheltering there died in the airstrike on the theater on March 16, 2022. Satellite images taken on March 14 show the word 'children' spelled out in Russian in two locations outside the theatre in an attempt to identify it to invaders as a civilian bomb shelter where children were hiding, not a military target. This only confirms that Russians knowingly and deliberately targeted civilians–contrary to their false claims that they bomb ‘only’ military facilities. The theater is one of the numerous Ukrainian heritage and cultural sites destroyed during the Russian invasion.