Dartmouth 250 Generations of Community

The Next Chapter

Just as Dartmouth students experience their time at the College differently, alumni have a wide range of interactions with Dartmouth after they graduate. Many continue to engage with the College through various alumni organizations. In three quotes displayed in this case, alumni reflect on their time at Dartmouth and how that has affected their alumni experience.

“I think there are a lot of us who have a very complicated relationship with the school. It was—we’re all very happy about our educations. We’re really glad that we had the opportunities that we had at Dartmouth. But I don’t feel the same about the traditions of Dartmouth, you know, that fellow alums do, who primarily are white, and others, about having to come back every year or this type of allegiance to the school, because it was a really difficult experience.” – Oral history interview with Gregorio A. Millett ’90

“I want to contribute to the Dartmouth community, and I want to make this place as good of a place as it can be. I think Dartmouth is great already and has given me so many different opportunities, and I’m so lucky to be here, but I wanna give back to this place.” – Oral history interview with Karen Wai ’14

“For me, I really enjoyed, like, the educational aspect that I got here, and I really appreciate the friendships that I’ve made here, but I don’t think that I would ever, like, say, like, “Dartmouth has been such a wonderful part of my life.” … Not to say that Dartmouth is bad or anything, but I just didn’t have, like, that attachment to it that I’ve seen some other people have.” – Oral history interview with Shermaine Waugh ’13

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Ed Hermance ’62 criticizes the College’s unwillingness to include sexual orientation in its non-discrimination policy and announces the formation of a gay and lesbian alum group. Dartmouth Lambda was the precursor to DGALA, the Dartmouth LGBTQIA+ Alum Association, which formed in 1984 and eventually won official College recognition in the early 1990s.