Dartmouth 250 Generations of Community

“Round the Girdled Earth...”

Alumni frequently maintain and build connections with each other and with current Dartmouth students, years after their Commencement. They bond over shared interests, shared experiences, and shared identities. Today, the College’s Office of Alumni Relations supports many kinds of alumni organizations, including classes, regional clubs, affiliated and shared interest groups, and the Women of Dartmouth. Alumni also contribute directly to the College through serving as admissions interviewers, Alumni Council representatives, and task force and committee members.

College President John Sloan Dickey ’29 regularly concluded his Commencement addresses with the promise, “And now the word is ‘so long,’ because in the Dartmouth fellowship there is no parting.” Though this is true for many, interaction with other alumni and interaction with the College are personal decisions that may change over time.

“You can choose your comfort level of being engaged. And mine has gone up and down. And it’s back up again, because at this stage in my life, I look at it and think: Okay, now it’s time for you to give back. Now it’s time for you to be a mentor.” – Oral history interview with Eileen Cave ’76

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Completed alumni relations card for Fred Rogers '50

The editorially-independent Fred Rogers ’50, who attended Dartmouth from 1946-1948 and is known for hosting the TV series Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, requests that he no longer receive mail from the College. He returned to Hanover to deliver the commencement address in 2002.

Dartmouth Alumni Magazine November 1937

Dartmouth Alumni Magazine has been published at least six times annually since its founding in 1905 by future College President Ernest Martin Hopkins ’1901.

Invitation to the 5th annual dinner for the Alumni of Dartmouth College in Boston

Invitation to the 5th annual dinner for the Alumni of Dartmouth College in Boston from the Alumni Association of Greater Boston, Records, 1865-1973.