“Women at Dartmouth College: Organization and Views”

A newspaper article titled "Women at Dartmouth: Organization and Views."
“Women at Dartmouth College: Organization and Views”
Things got off to a rocky start right early on when on September 26, a group of male students invaded Woodward Hall, an all women dormitory. They shouted rude comments, seized one woman and began to carry her away, and damaged property until the police were called. The students in Woodward noted that this was not the first instance of harassment at the time. Feeling the need for solidarity in the face of these attacks a group of women formed a new student organization Women of Dartmouth.
Lisa St. Amant
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The Dartmouth
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October 3, 1972
The Dartmouth
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Hanover, NH
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The Dartmouth
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Lisa St. Amant. “Women at Dartmouth College: Organization and Views." The Dartmouth. October 3, 1972.
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