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Browse by Dartmouth undergraduates and based on undergraduate research projects. For information about our undergraduate researchers, see People. To view student research projects, see Final Projects.

Botany, Class of 1934

Professor Hannah T. Croasdale

An exhibit on the life and career of Dartmouth's first tenured female faculty member. Based on the final research paper of Caroline Cook '21, “She Had the Misfortune of Being a Woman: The Story of Hannah Croasdale, Pioneer in Algae and Academia.”

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Protestors hold signs reading “Free Men All” and “Liberation and Integration,” 1963

The Black Student Experience, 1960-1979

An exhibit on the Black student experience at Dartmouth College from 1960-1979, during and directly following the Civil Rights Movement. Exhibit curated by Anneliese Thomas '19 as her final fellowship project.

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Dave Eckels on Memorial Track Field

Moving Towards Accessibility

An exhibit on changes at Dartmouth College in response to federal legislation protecting the rights of disabled citizens prior to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Based on the final research paper of Sam Koreman '20, “Moving Towards Accessibility.”

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Representative of the “women's section” of a Church of Christ at Dartmouth College fundraiser

Fundraising for Female Communities

An exhibit on female community and women's organizations on campus prior to co-education in 1972. Exhibit curated by Cece King '23 as her final fellowship project.

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Black and white photo of nine men, including Alpha Phi Alpha brothers and Dartmouth President John G. Kemeny, standing on the porch of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity house. Above the house front door are the fraternity letters and a sign that reads "Goodwill is the monarch of this house."

Diversity and Inclusion in Dartmouth Fraternities Throughout the 20th Century

An exhibit on diversity and inclusion in the Dartmouth fraternity system from desegregation, to co-education and the new millennia. Exhibit curated by Christian Dawkins '22 as his final fellowship project.

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Dr. Jack Turco sits behind a microphone with a stern facial expression and holds up a "Safe Sex" brochure to the camera.

AIDS and Safer Sex at Dartmouth

An exhibit on the Dartmouth administration's and students' responses to the national AIDS epidemic of the 1980s. Exhibit curated by Leeza Petrov '22 as her final fellowship project.

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[Moor's Charity School, Lebanon, Conn. Iconography

Diving into the Dynamics: Female Native Students at Moor's Charity School

An exhibit examining success through the lens of two Native women who attended Moor's Charity School, Hannah Garrett and Mary Secutor. Exhibit curated by Sydney Hoose '25 as her final fellowship project.

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Image of a dozen students (men and women) sitting and standing on a roof in the sunlight

Drinking Culture, Foley House, and Examination of the Greek System after Coeducation

An exhibit about discussions surrounding the use of alcohol in Greek spaces in the 1970s and 80s.  Exhibit curated by Spencer Mancuso '25 as his final fellowship project.

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Men standing outside of large brick building doorway, black and white

Food for Thought: Food Inclusivity at Dartmouth College

An exhibit on the history of food inclusivity and food injustice at Dartmouth College. Exhibit curated by Thomas Corrado '25 as his final fellowship project.

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