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Browse by Dartmouth undergraduates and based on undergraduate research projects. For information about our undergraduate researchers, see People. To view student research projects, see Final Projects.

David Eckels photographed on Memorial Track Field for the Dec. 1985 issue of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine.

Moving Towards Accessibility

An exhibit on changes at Dartmouth College in response to federal legislation protecting the rights of disabled citizens prior to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Based on the final research paper of Sam Koreman '20, “Moving Towards Accessibility.”

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This photograph, captured outside of Leverone Field House during Alabama Governor George Wallace’s visit to Dartmouth on November 5, 1963, depicts Dartmouth students (including Richard Joseph '65) and Upper Valley community members protesting the segregationist's policies and views on race. Signs reading “liberation and integration” and “free men all” are raised in response to the politician’s recent inaugural address, in which Wallace stated, “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” Additional signs reference FEPC, or the Fair Employment Practices Committee, which was established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941 to help prevent discrimination against African-Americans in defense and government jobs.

The Black Student Experience, 1960-1979

An exhibit on the Black student experience at Dartmouth College from 1960-1979, during and directly following the Civil Rights Movement. Exhibit curated by Anneliese Thomas '19 as her final fellowship project.

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A photograph of the Botany class at the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory in 1934. Croasdale is pictured second in from the left in the bottom row. The back of the photograph lists her classmates.

Professor Hannah T. Croasdale

An exhibit on the life and career of Dartmouth's first tenured female faculty member. Based on the final research paper of Caroline Cook '21, “She Had the Misfortune of Being a Woman: The Story of Hannah Croasdale, Pioneer in Algae and Academia.”

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