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The Historical Accountability Student Research Program at the Dartmouth Library offers research opportunities for Dartmouth undergraduates to explore primary sources in our collections related to issues of diversity and inclusion in Dartmouth history.

On this website, you can view digital exhibitions, browse the projects of Historical Accountability Student Researchers, and learn how to get started with research of your own!

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Explore the research of past Historical Accountability Student Researchers, including final research projects, digital exhibits, blog posts, and more!


Featured Materials

Oral history interview of Charles F. Dey '58 runs for approximately four hours and documents his time at Dartmouth, beginning with his undergraduate years, his tenure as Associate Dean, particularly his work partnering with private schools to recruit minority students, and developing the ABC (A Better Chance) program. The interview concludes with Dey's time as Dean of the Tucker Foundation, and the various programs he supported in those years, as well as comments on the changing culture of Dartmouth College during the late ‘60s and ‘70s.

Oral history interview with Charles F. Dey '58

Celia Chen '78 writes into the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine to honor the late Hannah T. Croasdale after her death in 1999. She describes Croasdale as a woman “ahead of her time” and “one of the few female faculty members on campus not yet hospitable to women” when they first met in 1976.

“Dartmouth's First Woman of Science” in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine.

An interview with Eckels in his capacity as a member of the Section 504 Committee in the Winter 1991 Affirmative Action Newsletter.

A Visit With Section 504 Committee On Disabilities Member: Dave Eckels

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